• Uriner Sfinkter

Comments of the Leading Physicians

  • “Yaklaşık 30 yıldan beri 1000’ in üzerinde hastamda
    Artifisyel Üriner Sfinkter tercih ettim. SUI tedavisinde rakipsiz altın
    standart teknolojisiyle hastalar artık çaresiz değil.”

    George D. Webster, M.D., Duke University, Durham, NC

  • “Artifisyel Üriner Sfinkter antibiyotikli yapısıyla hafiften şiddetliye inkontinans tedavilerimde önemli rol oynuyor.”

    Brian J. Flynn, M.D., University, of Colorado Denver

The number one preference of the doctors Artificial Urinary Sphincter

Comments of Patients Using

  • “Artifisyel Üriner Sfinkter bana yeni bir hayat verdi. Artık alışverişe, restorana, tiyatro ve sinemaya gidebiliyorum. Hepsinden önemlisi, tekrar bir sosyal hayatım var.”

    M.G. Hasta

  • “Kocam inkontinansindan dolayı artık dışarı çıkmak istemiyordu. Sıklıkla tuvalete gitmesi yüzünden kendisinin küçük duruma düşeceğinden ya da başkalarını rahatsız edeceğinden korkuyordu. Her zaman sadece evde kalıyorduk. Artık rahatız!”

    B.A. Hasta

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High Patient Satisfaction

In one of the studies Artificially used Urinary Sphincter

90% Satisfaction
92% again
96% of them recommended this to a friend.

Conclusion: Over 90% success rate with patient satisfaction

İletişim Formu

Gold standard in the treatment of urinary incontinence

Time-proven, Gold-Standard Treatment with Artificial Urinary Sphincter
Features of Artificial Urinary Sphincter Benefit (Patient) Benefit (Physician)
Safe, effective procedure Only 1 or 2 small positions Simple surgical procedure
Personalized handcuffs and balloons Effective results, 90% success in ensuring continence Suitable for anotomies of each patient for optimum results
Proven technology over time Over 25 years of data and results High success, low complication rate
Single or double clamp Treatment option according to severity of incontinence Providing patient option in providing continence
Transverse scrotal approach Less anesthesia time compared to perinal approach with lower incision Main operation time 35 minutes (20-25 min) and simple dissection

About urinary incontinence treatment

urinary incontinence treatment In some cases of closed or open prostate operations, urinary incontinence may occur. It is important to know whether prostate disease is cancerous or not and whether it is radiation therapy or not. In the treatment of urinary retention muscles, strengthening drug treatments and exercises, the only method of squeezing into the urine method, the fillers in most patients give a lot of good answers. Patients who are completely unresponsive and who have severe urinary incontinence may need larger surgeries. It can be a single hammock-like (urethral sling) operation between urethra and urethra, and is able to attach a single single strand around the urethra method to provide the patient with a single basic button (artificial cartilage or articial sphincter insertion). The patient is kept in the hospital for one day during the insertion procedure and the probe can be kept for about a week.
duration of urinary incontinence therapy
However, there is a need for 6-8 weeks to start and operate the system. Mechanical tool failure can be 10% in 10 years and accessory replacement may be required. Some of the time can also be infected and can be tried to be completely removed and the infection control followed by one more insertion. Prostate surgery, followed by prostate cancer again in the hardening loss and irradiation is important. In most of the patients, different drug therapies that extend for about one year or vibrations by giving vibrations to the penis can be made to remember that hardening can be done. However, if there is still no response at the end of a year, a penis prosthesis (be happy bar) may be needed. In general, there are two main types that can be bent and inflatable. Whichever patient is more coherent, the patient will decide by talking to the doctor. One thing to be known for is that nickname surgery is irreversible. The patient who gave up the prosthesis for random reasons only had a hardening ability two. cannot come back without a single attachment. Surgery requires one-day hospital stay and one-week follow-up. For use it is recommended to wait for 4-8 weeks. Urethral Strap is a retro urethral strap system which is developed to restore normal sphincteric functions by removing negative conditions that cause moderate stress incontinence (involuntary urinary incontinence without bladder muscle contraction) in men.

Urethral Hanger Animation

Artificial Urinary Sphincter Function: The Artificial Urinary Sphincter System allows the patient to keep the urethra closed by imitating the healthy syphincter. Cuff: It is placed around the urethra. Daily activities allow the patient to stay dry while keeping the urethra closed with the help of liquid / fluid that is in the day. At the moment of urination, the entire fluid is discharged by pressing the pump and the urethra will be open. The pump is placed in the scrotum. The fluid in the clamp allows the fluid to be transferred back into the clamp at the moment of urination and then automatically for further continence. In the postoperative recovery period, there is a 6-8-week stage and the deactivation button for ejaculation (ejaculation) at the time of sexual intercourse. Pressure Regulation Balloon: It is placed in the abdominal cavity in front of or near the bladder. It stores the actual amount of fluid / fluid in the reservoir itself in order for the system to work in the most real way. Usage: When the patient wants to build urine, he presses the pump in the scrotum once or twice. The entire liquid contained in the clamp is discharged and transferred to the flask and the urination begins. The system ends the urine by filling the clamp with internal pressure by itself after 2-3 minutes.

Urinary Incontinence or Impotence Treatment After Prostate Operation